Rekero Camp

Situated less than 150 meters from a crossing point on the Talek River, Rekero is a superlative safari destination year-round and perfect to view The Great Migration with crossings on your doorstep. The camp evokes the charm of African safaris from a bygone era, with nine romantic tents, and spectacular views of the surrounding game-filled plains of the world-famous Masai Mara.

Guests can watch the herd make this perilous crossing without even leaving the camp. Enjoy this and other wildlife sightings from the comfort of riverside tent or from one of the two communal decks.

Outside of migration season, one of the highlights of staying in the Masai Mara is viewing the predators that prowl these plains. It’s no coincidence that many wildlife documentaries, including BBC’s Big Cat Diary and Disney’s African Cats, have been filmed here. There is a high concentration of lions — including the resident Rekero pride — plus cheetahs and leopards.