Leopard Hill

Leopard Hill is a modern camp located in the heart of Mara Naibosho Conservancy. What makes Leopard Hill accommodation special, is the adjustable motorized roof in the tents, which provides an unhindered view of the African night sky. And yes, you are still separated from the nocturnal wildlife by an invisible mosquito net. To top it all, one can enjoy the scenery without disturbance, as this part of Naibosho Conservancy is restricted from motorized vehicles.

The tent architecture is inspired by round Masai houses called Manyattas. This offers an almost 360-degree view of the surroundings, from your bed towards the Fig Tree, the water holes and from the bathroom to the back. Each tent has its own theme, and the ambiance is set by furniture and decor of African and Indian origin. Each tent also houses an outdoor fireplace on a large terrace and has both indoor and outdoor showers.

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