The Ark Lodge 

The Ark is a unique and quirky lodge located in the heart of the Aberdare National Park. Its design, inspired by Noah’s Ark, makes for a one-of-a-kind experience. The lodge overlooks a floodlit waterhole and salt-lick, providing guests with a front-row seat to view the amazing wildlife that congregates there. 

The lodge features 60 cabin-style rooms, each with an ensuite bathroom and windows that face the forest or waterhole. The buzzer system in each room alerts guests when special animals arrive at the salt lick and waterhole, providing a unique opportunity to view the wildlife up close. 

The Ark is designed with three decks, each with numerous balconies and lounges. This allows for multiple viewing points and a superb location for wildlife spotting. The lodge also features a restaurant and bar, gift shop, and conference facilities. 

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