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More about African safari

Safaris are one of the most intriguing holiday options for anybody to explore. They bring you closer to the beauty of nature while providing a retreat from the monotony of your daily life.

Picture yourself watching a majestic lion as it gracefully moves through the tall grass, or seeing a herd of elephants as they go about their everyday routine. Now that’s what African Safari is all about.

So you have said your vows or have them memorized for the best, and on the biggest day of your life, you have mentally pictured your bride and wiped a stray tear or two rolling down your cheeks in anticipation of the joy and loving beauty you have been blessed with.

In January 2024, a seismic shift rippled through the wildlife conservation world as the Narok County Government of Kenya announced significant revisions to the park fees for the revered Maasai Mara Game Reserve.